Refund Policy of Matrimony Bangladesh

In this article, we will discuss the refund policy of our matrimonial site, including who qualifies for a refund, the process of filing a refund, and the timeline for refunds. We will also discuss the customer service team available to help you through the process. With our refund policy, you can be confident that you are making the right decision when signing up for our Muslim matrimonial site.

When you sign up on this matrimony BD site, you join our esteemed family of members. As one of the most dependable marriage BD sites, we are sure you will find the perfect partner among our eligible grooms and brides.

Refund on a Duplicate Purchase

If you've made a duplicate purchase, we'll gladly refund you. You may need to coordinate with our customer service team for us to facilitate the refund and ensure you get it on time. We will return the refund to the same payment method you used for the transaction. The matrimony site will work closely with you to ensure you are treated fairly and get your refund promptly.

The marriage media in Bangladesh can only extend refunds on additional services purchased within the original membership package. All refunds are subject to change based on applicable laws and regulations. The Islamic marriage media in Bangladesh recommends you read the terms & conditions page carefully before agreeing to purchase any packages or subscriptions. Lastly, keep all records relating to the purchase of subscription packages for future reference.

Cancel Membership from the Marriage Media

If you'd like to end your premium membership or delete your account from the matrimonial BD site, you can do so anytime and for any reason. The process is simple, and there's nothing to worry about. All you need to do is log in to your account and navigate the setting section. Once there, you should find an option labeled 'Cancel Membership.' Click on that link and follow any instructions given by the site prompts. Once successfully canceled, the BD marriage media site will send confirmation of cancellation via email. We then officially cancel your membership. Please keep in mind that all of our membership packages are non-refundable.

You may keep the email confirming your membership's deactivation for your records. If you want to reactivate or reinstate it anytime, you can log in to the matrimonial site BD and pay.

The marriage media BD site regrets that we cannot offer a full or partial refund for any membership package used or unused for whatever reason. Additionally, registration, membership renewal fees, or auto-renewal payments are non-refundable. For example, if a user has already used or availed of credit points during their membership period, it is considered non-refundable. The same applies to registration fees when moved to a higher membership category within the same account.

Be Honest on the Marriage Media

Please follow the rules of this marriage bureau. If any admin finds that these rules are broken by a user or receives any complaints, we regret to inform you that the user will be permanently banned from the site, and there will be no refund. The BD matrimony site advises users to avoid posting offensive or vulgar messages. It is not allowed to use any racial slurs, ethnic remarks or discriminating language on this platform.

Please keep all the information shared with you by other members on this Muslim matrimony site confidential. Please be sure to get permission from the member who provided it to you before sharing it with anyone else. Also, never ask a member you meet on this Bangladeshi marriage website for money or any other financial assistance. Such actions may lead to legal repercussions.

Use Authentic Information on the Marriage Media

When joining our Bangladeshi marriage site , we ask you to use only authentic and accurate information. Please do not use fake pictures (like those of celebrities, public figures, or anyone not a member) when creating your matrimony biodata. The Bangladeshi marriage media advises you not to use any other misleading information, such as incorrect name, age, location, religion, weight, height, profession, education, etc. Doing this could result in a permanent ban with no refund. If we find any suspicious or fraudulent profiles, we will immediately reject them with a permanent ban and no refund.

We're sorry that we can't provide a refund if users on this Bengali matrimony site choose not to connect with you. Lack of getting enough responses may be for a couple of reasons, such as your profile needing to be complete and accurate, being well-written, or simply not being attractive to other members. Although these may sound harsh, we can't issue refunds in these cases.

The matrimony site in Bangladesh kindly suggests that valued customers avoid setting up or taking part in any transfer of funds or assets by any member of this marriage media.


The marriage site in Bangladesh kindly asks that users only create one account. Please refrain from sharing any inappropriate material, images, or content. The matrimony website in Bangladesh strongly discourages any attempts to promote dangerous or criminal activities here on this matchmaker platform.

Communication with Users on the Marriage Media

The matrimonial website requests that all users communicate on this matchmaking platform respectfully and politely. If any complaints about being rude, offensive, filthy, or disgusting are received, your matrimony account will be immediately banned. Additionally, sending abusive messages, involvement in any form of harassment (sexual or otherwise), racism, violence, invasion of privacy, or suggesting, engaging in, or enticing others to commit any illegal or immoral acts will result in a permanent ban without refund.

This Bangladesh marriage site kindly requests that our staff not be mistreated in any way, and any violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban without a refund.


If you want to discontinue your membership on this BD marriage site, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or call. Our friendly customer service team is happy to assist you in deleting your matrimonial biodata from our server.

Matrimony Bangladesh reserves the option to update or change these terms and conditions without prior warning.

The marriage website Bangladesh values its customers and is always committed to maintaining a high- quality service. Should you have any other queries about the refund process, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for taking the time to review the refund policy of the marriage site. Our BD matrimonial site has a straightforward refund policy to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Our customers should be able to trust that we will always provide the best service possible. The matrimonial site in Bangladesh is committed to providing a safe and secure platform for people to find their perfect match. By agreeing to adhere to these policies, we hope you have a pleasant experience with us as we work together to find lifelong love for everyone.